Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rangers Lead the Way!

Well I suppose that'd be true if these were the first Eldar figures to be finished but there you go. My Eldar Rangers are finished and this time I did take some in-progress pics. I wanted to keep the main army colour scheme of green and purple but at the same time set these guys apart in keeping with their independent lifestyle. To do this I toned down the colours and added more earth tones.

I started with a black primer and applied the base colours:
Dark Angel Green for the armor, leggings and gloves, Liche Purple for the shoulder plates and helmets, a 50/50 mix of Graveyard Earth and Liche Purple for the the long coats and Graveyard Earth for the weapons and leather accessories.
Faces where painted Bronzed Flesh, followed by a wash of Dark Flesh then highlighted with Elf Flesh with higher highlights added by adding Skull White.

At this stage I wanted to make the leggings and gauntlets look like green leather to contrast with the green Il-Kaithe armor even though I used the same base colour.

BC - DA Green
H1 -DA Green + Goblin Green
H2 - Goblin Green
H3 - Bilious Green

BC - DA Green
H1 - Imperial Strike Green
H2 - IS Green + Kommando Khaki
H3 - Kommando Khaki

At this stage I worked on the purples and leathers.

Long Coat
BC - Graveyard Earth + Liche Purple
H1 - BC + Kommando Khaki
H2 - H1 + more Kommando Khaki

Shoulder Plates/Helmets
BC - Liche Purple
H1 - BC + Skull White
H2 - H1 + more Skull White

BC - Graveyard Earth
H1 - Snakebite Leather
H2 - Vomit Brown

Finishing off with a funky Eldarish camo pattern inspired by the GW Biel-Tan Rangers. To start off I traced a zig-zag pattern using Catachan Green. However, once this dried it was extremely difficult to see. I would skip this step next time. Over top of this line I put down a line of thinned Camo Green. To finish off I added some highlights with a mix of Camo Green and Kommando Khaki.

BC - Graveyard Earth
H1 - BC + Bleached Bone
H2 - Bleached Bone

To imply the Rangers being in a forest or some other cover I add bits of twigs, lichen and dried cedar needles along with the grass mix to the bases.


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