Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today I put the finishing touches on my Dire Avenger squad. They were painted in their traditional paint scheme with the addition of green, purple and yellow touches to tie them in to the army's general colour scheme. The rune and ying-yang symbol are decals.

The Exarch
2nd Edition metal Avengers.
We were guardians once...some of the old metal guardian models that were drafted into the Dire Avengers.
I didn't take any in-progress pics unfortunately, so here's a quick run-down of the colours I used. Oh, I should point out that I am still using some old Citadel paints so some of the names might be a bit off.
BC - Base Coat, H - Highlight, W - Wash, S - Shading
BC - Electric Blue
H1 - several thin coats of Skull White
S1 - thinned Space Wolf Grey
BC - Night World Blue
H1 - Ultra Marine or Moody Blue (I can't remember which)
H2 - Enchanted Blue
H3 - Electric Blue
BC - Graveyard Earth
H1 - Graveyard Earth + Vomit Brown
H2 - Kommando Khaki
BC - Graveyard Earth
H1 - Graveyard Earth + Bleached Bone
H2 - Bleached Bone
BC - Snakebite Leather
W - thinned Dark Flesh
H1 - Spearstaff Brown
H2 - Sunburst Yellow
H3 - Sunburst Yellow + Skull White
BC - Dark Angel Green
H1 - DA Green + Imperial Strike Green
H2 - Imperial Strike Green + Shull White
BC - Liche Purple
H1/H2 - Liche Purple + Shull White (add more white for H2)

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