Thursday, October 8, 2009

Banshees WIP - Repair and Update

I had planned this post to be about painting my Howling Banshees. As seen above I decided not to strip them down and started off by applying a thin coat of Scorched Earth. However, when I took these initial photos I noticed a problem. Banshees are no longer armed with laspistols but instead carry shurikan pistols. Some basic weapon swaps to update the gals were in order.

For this I am going to need:
  • a cutting board or some other protection for the kitchen table
  • a pair of cutters
  • a file (or two)
  • Eldar weapons frames x 5
  • super glue
  • modelling putty/gap filler (just in case things don't go as planned)

I also had to do a repair to the sword arm of one of the Banshees so I also need:

  • thin wire
  • a pin vise
The operation is pretty straight forward. 1) Cut the old weapon away using the cutters. 2) Use a file to smooth out the top of the fist. 3) Remove the shurikan pistol from the frame, trim off the grip and clean up any seams 4) Dry fit the join and attach the new weapon using a dot of super glue (I found it easier to put the glue on the pistol). Done.
Repairing the sword arm was a bit more involved. After cleaning up both sides of the break and dry fitting to make sure there would be a good join, I used my pin vise with a bit matching my wire thickness to dill a hole about 5mm into the wrist. I keep a large sewing needle in with my bits to use to make a starting dimple. I just put it into my pin vise and push it into where I want to drill creating a guide hole. This helps to keep the bit from slipping. Once this hole was done, I repeated the process on the hand/sword. It is also important to stop and check your progress as you are drilling to make sure you are not going off course. You don't want to end up drilling out the side and causing a bigger problem ('bin there done that). Again I went in about 5mm.
At this point I put a dab of super glue on the end of my wire and inserted it into the wrist hole. When this dried I trimmed the wire down to about 5mm, applied another dab of super glue and attached the sword hand.

The whole repair and replace job took about 20 minutes. Now I can proceed with updating the gals' wardrobes.



  1. If you find you are doing alot of that kind of work try hitting up You can get a jewellers saw really cheap. I think I got it, 12 replacement blades, and a pin vise shipped to me for about 20 bucks total.

    They are a canadian company, so no worries about duty.

  2. The jeweller's saw recommendation is a good one. I love mine.

    I noted you're using a spool of copper wire for your pin. Does this have sufficient tensile strength for heavier bits? I use steel sewing pins, but I'll be the first to admit that I tend to over engineer things...

    Glad to see that I'm not the only person that updated their old Banshees from laspistols...

  3. The jeweler's saw is a good idea and theringlord's prices are very affordable.

    The copper wire is good for this sort of pinning but for bigger jobs I use a heavier gauge brass rod.