Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Plastic, New Life

I have a set of old Eldar guardian plastics. These are the ones that came in 3 parts - the main body, lasgun with right forearm /hand and left hand molded as one piece and the base. The reason the hands/weapon came separate was so that the figures could be repackaged with the hands holding a shuriken catapult cast in metal which can be seen in this earlier post.

Anyway, what do you do with a bunch of lasgun holding guardians that you can't use? Convert them into Storm Guardians instead. Scrounging my bits box I have many Eldar arm and weapons frames. The conversion itself is a simple matter of removing the lasguns and arms altogether and swapping in new plastic arms with the appropriate weapons. Gotta love plastic minis.

Side by side of original mini with lasgun
and converted Storm Guardian.
For this particular figure I did even less surgery. I left the arms in thier original position and just removed the lasgun part. After cutting the lasgun away from the right hand, I added a shuriken pistol from the weapons frame and re-attached the right forearm at a slightly different angle. For the left side, I cut a fist from one of the arms from the Eldar arm frame and attached a sword from the weapons frame, cut the little nub off the arm and glued the fist in place. By adding different arm and weapons combinations and a head swap or two you end up with a diverse group.



  1. I love posts about this kinda stuff! Simple, effective & inexpensive.

    I'm new to the hobby, so I haven't weathered a rules change from a new edition yet, but it's a nagging fear in the back of my mind that all the hard work I'm putting into these minis might become just suddenly become obsolete. Posts like yours here let me rest a little easier. I love to see things get re-purposed.

  2. I'm glad to know someone is getting something out my blog :). I wouldn't worry too much about models becoming obsolete. I'm not sure it happens that much. More commonly GW redesigns the figures and the newer ones look cooler (usually). I don't think anyone would mind if I fielded the guardians as they were anyway.