Wednesday, September 16, 2009

War Host of Il-Kaithe

My camera has been on the fritz which explains the lack of updates. That and my general tardiness anyway. I have been busy assembling or should I say re-assembling my Eldar army.

I started playing WHFB and WH40K a long time ago but for a long time had put it aside for other priorities. I have recently come back to the hobby and have been sifting through my collection to bring my 40K Eldar up to 5th Edition standard. I have also been repainting some of my figures to create a more cohesive look.

My original colour concept was based on the Joker from Batman. All the figures were to have red hands in honour of Khaine the Bloody Handed war god of the Eldar. The red hand was also to be the rune symbol for the army. Well I no longer like the red hands or the rune but I still like the green/purple combo. As it turns out, during my abscence from the hobby GW introduced a few other craftworlds, one of which (Il-Kaithe) just happens to have a similar colour scheme to mine. Therefore I decided to adopt Il-Kaithe as the craftworld for my warhost.

Here are some WIP images of my core Troops units:

Dire Avengers:

The Avengers were pretty straight forward - needing some freshening up on the paint job. However, when I last played Aspect squads were limited to 5 + Exarch so I needed to pad my numbers to 10. Luckily I had a number of old metal guardians that could easily be painted as DAs.


Most of these Guardians are from one of GW's earliest plastic sets which came as a complete figure with metal shurikan catapult. In order to mix up the static pose I cut and moved or replaced some heads.


More work needs to be done on the Warlock to bring out details and the witchblade. I'm also looking forward to adding runes to the Warlock's frock.


With the Rangers I am trying to keep the same colour scheme but with subdued tones. The long coats for example are a mix of Graveyard Earth and Liche Purple.


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