Friday, September 25, 2009

Il-Kaithe Family Portrait

I thought it might be fun to show what I have in my collection for my Eldar host. Most of it is painted but every unit needs some TLC. You can see the old craftworld rune and red hands that have to go. The bikes are in need of most repair - every rider has parts missing and almost all of the bikes have some damage. The hood of the vyper is actually detached. There is a second vyper which is not in this picture that is missing it's hood altogether. Also not pictured is an unassembled war walker.

There are some old models in this picture. Some of the harlequins are among the oldest in my collection. You can also see some early plastic guardians with lasguns - remember when Eldar used to be able to take lasguns?

My current projects are to finish the guardian squad on the right and then work on the rangers. In between that I am also working on a conversion of Eldrad to represent my Grand Farseer.


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