Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Beastmen Cometh

The primal call of beast has taken hold lately and I've been growing a fledgling herd. I've had these kicking around for sometime. They are the same vintage as the Black Orcs posted earlier. The figures are actually pretty good for some of GW's earliest delving into plastic. Sure they are not multipose but the castings are pretty good with well defined detail and they paint up pretty well.

I tried two different tones using more brown with black fur on the right to try to get variation in thge unit. I need to texture the bases yet. I am thinking forest floor and just need to gather the materials. Another note about the bases. I originally painted them Khemri Brown as a change from the Goblin Green I usually use but it did not look right to me so I revert to my trusty GG. Below is a shot of the intended unit minus the standard bearer who is still in its package. Yes those are the cheesy beastmen from the Milton Bradly/GW game Battle Masters filling in the ranks. Not great but they'll do.

I also had a few old school Minotaurs in my way back machine and using eBay I've recently added a Doom Bull, Minotaur standard bearer and Karak One-Eye which will be coming soon to a blog post near you.

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