Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go...

I've been getting back into WHFB lately. Fantasy Battle was my first love. I remember picking up the boxed set of Harboth's Orc Archers - the start of my Waagh! I've tried pretty well every Fantasy army but I always come back to my Orc horde. They are just so much fun - even in defeat!

At any rate I've been re-doing and actually finishing some of my old miniatures. These Black Orcs are part of a unit I was working on before I stopped playing years back. I'm using some techniques picked up from some recent White Dwarfs. The pics are not the greatest but you get the gist.

I prefer to use a black primer now-a-days but the plastic orcs were already primed white from back in the day. I started the skin with a base coat of Orkhide Green, followed by a highlight of Goblin Green/Jungle Green. Additional highlights were added by mixing Bilious Green into the mix. I then used a liberal wash of Ogryn Flesh followed by a wash of Badab Black in the recesses. A final highlight of Goblin/Jungle/Bilious Green + Skull White was then added. The red armor is base coated with Mechrite Red.

The Boss and Standard are metal figures and were already painter 'table ready'. I'm just updating the color scheme a bit and cleaning up some details. If I remember correctly I started these guys off with Salamaner Black - a colour which used to be in the Citadel range. This was a green-black colour which I would have highlighted with Dark Angels Green and Skull White.

- updated with better but still not great pics 4/28/10

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